Degree Requirements

Application For Degree

Graduation/Degree Audit

Diploma Information

A candidate for the Baccalaureate degree from Albany State University must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Complete a prescribed curriculum.
  2. Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours with a grade point average of at least 2.00 (C-average) or the departmental requirement.
  3. Complete a year in residence with a minimum of 30 semester hours.
  4. Take an Exit Examination or major area examination.


A Degree Application Card should be filed when students have thirty (30) hours or less to complete for graduation. The application may be secured from the Office of Academic Services and Registrar. On this application students must indicate intended date of graduation. Students who fail to graduate as indicated should complete another form.

Students who complete all requirements for a degree at the close of the summer, fall or spring semester will be given a statement, upon request, certifying requirements have been completed. Credits may be certified to the State Department of Education in order that the certificates to teach may be issued at any time during the school term. Degrees will be awarded pursuant to graduation.


  1. The graduation/degree application process is initiated by the student.
  2. The completed application is to be submitted to the Office of Academic Services and Registrar when a student has the following hours remaining to satisfy graduation requirements: 50 hours-Bachelors, 20-Masters or 16 hours-Specialist.
  3. In order for the degree audit application to be valid, the student must have the required cumulative grade point average for their academic major.
  4. Each student should update name and/or address with the Office of Academic Services and Registrar.
  5. The student will receive his degree audit check sheet via mail. Please provide us with an email address which you check regularly and update us immediately should this change. The department chairperson prepares the degree audit check sheet. If the student has any questions, contact the department chairperson as soon as possible. He/she should not wait until their expected semester of graduation to resolve any outstanding problems.
  6. Students must have the required cumulative grade point average prior to the beginning of the semester in which he is scheduled to graduate.
  7. Each student must attend the commencement exercise or request in writing permission to graduate in absentia from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The actual diploma will not be presented at the commencement ceremony. The student will receive a diploma cover and the diploma will be available at least four weeks following the ceremony.

Following certification of completion of all requirements, students may pick up and sign for their diploma in the Office of Academic Services and Registrar. Or, the diploma will be mailed at a time announced each semester to the address specified on the Application for Degree.

The diploma will be held for ten weeks. A student with a hold will not receive a diploma until the appropriate department removes the hold and the Office of Academic Services and Registrar is notified by the department placing the hold.

Although we exert every effort to ensure that diplomas are correct, students should review the diploma carefully and advise our office immediately of any discrepancies.

There are two commencement exercises during the year, one in the fall and one in the spring.