Effective Summer 2011, students at Albany State University do not have to take the Regents' Test, upon their successful completion of ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102.  Students exiting Learning Support with minimal COMPASS scores and whose scores in Nelson Denny Test are less than 12th grade index pass level in Reading and Freshmen with marginal SAT Verbal scores of 430-480 or ACT English scores of 17-20 have been determined to need additional reading and writing lab enrichment activities to prepare them for the challenging core courses they have ahead of them.  In order to ensure their academic success, these students are encouraged to take an elective reading/writing and critical thinking course, ENGL 1125a 3-hour institutional credit course -which will offer needed additional academic support for our freshmen to get off to an exceptional good start in their academic careers.   Students who fail to successfully exit ENGL 1101 will be required to take ENGL 1101E, a more comprehensive follow-up course.  An ENGL 1101 exit exam is required of all enrolled students.  Also, students who fail to pass ENGL 1102 will be required to repeat ENGL 1102 with intensive Writing Lab activities until they are successful.


Through institutional and national testing components, the testing center addresses the needs of ASU students and the communities through the provision of various examinations, including some of the following:

Computer based testing services are available through the ASU Computer Based Testing Center. Individual appointments can be made to take the following examinations on the computer: