The Joint Enrollment Program at Albany State University offers academically superior high school juniors or seniors an opportunity to enroll for college credit prior to the completion of their high school program of study provided they reside in close proximity to permit class attendance at the University and his/her high school during the same period of time. Students entering through the joint enrollment program must have completed the University System Of Georgia College Preparatory Curriculum requirements with the following exceptions: Students with SAT verbal scores of at least 530 or ACT English scores of at least 24 who have not completed the final unit of high school English and/or social science may be permitted to fulfill these high school requirements with the appropriate college courses taken through the joint enrollment program. Students who have not completed the College Preparatory Curriculum requirements may be admitted through the joint enrollment program if they are enrolled in the necessary high school courses and scheduled to complete the requirements by the end of their senior year. Students enrolled in public secondary institutions may be eligible for tuition reimbursement under the Post Secondary Option (PSO) program and should contact their high school counselor for information.

Procedures for applying for enrollment in the Joint Enrollment Program are listed below: