Applicants who have attended other institutions can apply for admission with advanced standing, provided they are academically eligible to return to the college or university last attended and have 30 or more transferable college credits. Students transferring from other colleges  must send official transcripts of all previous college work to the Office of Enrollment Services at Albany State University. Students with fewer than 30 transferable college credits will be required to meet the Freshman Admissions standards for Albany State University.

The applicants' eligibility for admission will be based on previous academic performance. The Institution reserves the right to require high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores for transfer students; it also reserves the right not to accept the credits of an institution, regardless of its accreditation status, when the University determines that the course content is not equivalent to the course content at Albany State University.

Students must report all courses completed at other institutions. Failure to report previous college attendance is sufficient cause for cancellation of registration and credits earned at Albany State University. A maximum of 90 academic semester hours from an accredited senior college may be applied to the program in which an applicant desires enrollment, provided that grades earned are "C" or better. Applicants who have completed the core requirements in a transfer program in another unit of the University System will receive full transfer credit for all core courses. A maximum of 30 semester hours in any combination of independent study, extension and/or credit by examination earned at other accredited institutions can be accepted toward graduation.

Albany State University will accept as transferred credit "D" grades earned in core curriculum courses; no freshman English courses with grades less than "C" will be accepted as transfer credit. All transfer applicants accepted for admissions will be provided a copy of their transcript evaluation, which includes the work accepted from the college(s) previously attended. This evaluation must be presented upon registration to the students' advisors. Unofficial transcripts cannot be evaluated. Applicants who have NOT completed at least 30 semester hours of transferable college credits should complete all the requirements for freshman admissions. Students who have not completed Developmental Studies requirements at another System institution shall be admitted only in accordance with the Developmental Studies guidelines. Applicants transferring from an institution or program that did not require the College Preparatory Curriculum may be subject to College Preparatory Curriculum requirements.