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Definition Of Full-Time Student

Citizens Of Georgia 62 And Older

Audit (Non-Credit) Fee

Payment Of Fees And Charges

General Refunds

Room And Board Refunds

Boarding Student Fees

Albany State University receives the major portion of its operating funds through appropriations from the State of Georgia. This arrangement enables the University to offer high quality educational programs to its students at a minimal cost. The fiscal year for the University consists of three semesters-summer, fall and spring-and student fees are assessed on this basis. Fees are charged in accordance with the regulations and schedules set forth in this section, the basis of which is a 12 semester hour minimum load. Since fees are due and payable as an integral part of registration, students must pay all assessed fees during the process.


The University reserves the right to change, without previous notice, its fees, charges, rules and regulations at the beginning of any semester; however, this right will be exercised cautiously. It is the student's responsibility to know the fees which are in effect each semester for which he/she enrolls.


A student with an academic schedule of 12 or more semester hours is considered a full-time student. A student with less than 12 semester hours is considered a part-time student. With this status, a student pays all semester fees, in full, except the tuition, which is paid on a per-semester hour basis. The fee per semester hour is as follows:



In-state Tuition



Out-of State Tuition






Other Fees and Charges



Graduation Fee

$ 30.00

$ 40.00

Applied Courses

$ 100.00

$ 100.00

Books and Supplies-estimate per semester

$ 500.00

$ 500.00

Laboratory Fees (For noted courses)

$ 25.00

$ 25.00

Late Fee

$ 50.00

$ 50.00

Re-instatement Fee




Georgians 62 years of age and older are eligible to enroll as undergraduate or graduate students on a "space available" basis without paying most of the normal fees or tuition. For complete eligibility requirements and application information, contact the Admissions Office.


Fees for attending class on an audit or non-credit basis are calculated on the same schedule as regular academic fees.


ALL FEES AND CHARGES ARE PAYABLE AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION. Fees to the University are to be paid by Cash, Money Order, Certified Check, Cashier's Check, Traveler's Check, Visa or MasterCard-ONLY. Remittance should be made payable to Albany State University and addressed to the Office of Fiscal Affairs. Remittance should be for the EXACT AMOUNT of the fees due per semester. When fees are sent by mail, the full name and the social security number of the student for whom payment is intended should be provided. Personal checks are subject to approval. COUNTER CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.


In accordance with the refund policy of the Board of Regents, refunds will be made on institutional charges and other mandatory fees upon a student's total withdrawal from the institution. The refund amount for a student withdrawing from the institution shall be based on a prorate percentage, determined by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total calendar days in the semester. The total calendar days in a semester will include the weekends, but will exclude scheduled breaks of five or more days in which a student was on an approved leave of absence.

A student is only eligible to retain the percentage of Title IV aid disbursed that is equal to the percentage of the enrollment period completed by the student. The unearned Title IV aid must be returned to the appropriate federal aid program(s). Students who withdraw from the institution when the calculated percentage of completion is greater than 60% are not entitled to a refund of any proportion of institutional charges and no Title IV aid needs to be returned. When on withdraws prior to the first day of class, he/she is entitled to a 100% refund. A refund of all tuition and other mandatory fees shall be made in the event of death of a student at any time during the academic year.

The student is responsible for returning the unearned Title IV Program assistance for which the school is not required to return. The amount to be returned is the net amount disbursed from each source in the same order required by the school (Unsubsidized FFEL/Direct Stafford Loan, Subsidized FFEL/Direct Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, FFEL/Direct PLUS, Pell Grant, FSEOG and other Title IV programs) less the portion re- turned to the respective source(s) by the school. Loan proceeds are returned in accordance with the terms of the promissory note, while only 50 percent of the grant assistance (Pell Grant and/or FSEOG) is the responsibility of the student to pay. The grant overpayment must be paid or payment arrangements should be made up to 45 days after being sent notification from the school or following the date the school was required to notify the student. Failure to act will result in the reporting of the overpayment to the Department of Education, where it will be referred for collection and loss of eligibility for Title IV funds until overpayment is paid in full.

Any student who wishes to withdraw from the University must secure a withdrawal form from the Registrar's Office, complete it and have it approved by the Registrar, Director of Financial Operations, Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Financial Aid. The student must file a copy in each office and will then be eligible for a refund of fees in accordance with the above policy.


Refunds for room and board will be made on a pro-rata basis. The student will be charged for each day of the semester for which he/she remains in the dormitory and uses the dining hall and laundry services. Any student who wishes to withdraw from the dormitory must secure a Housing Release Contract Form from their respective resident hall director. The completed form and key to the dormitory room must be submitted to the resident hall director and the identification card must be returned to the RamCard Office prior to the issuance of a refund.


Students from outside of the Albany area are expected to live on the campus. The following rates include room rental, meals, tuition, technology, health, activity, athletics and laundry fees for in-state undergraduate students enrolled for 12 or more hours.

Double Occupancy

Triple Occupancy

Quad Occupancy

Apartment Occupancy

Andrews, Wiley and Gibson Halls


North, South and East Halls


Andrews Hall(Limited number of rooms)


4 Bedroom Suite


4 Bedroom Apartment


Students who do not have accommodations in the residence halls may secure their meals in the University dining hall by purchasing the board plan or making deposits to a pre-paid RamBucks Account. The board plan costs $950.00 per semester. The deposits made to the RamBucks Account may vary, yet the credited funds can be used at the various campus dining locations.