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The Advisement Center, which operates under the organizational umbrella of Student Affairs, is an interdependent arm of the academic advising system of the University. This Center's goal is to give effective, convenient academic support in the form of advisement, registration assistance and limited tutorial services to freshmen and sophomore students in a friendly and patient manner. Staff members assist students in planning programs of study and with locating the right academic resources on campus. Students who are undecided about their majors, non-traditional students and students who experience academic difficulties receive the academic advisement appropriate for their unique situations.


The university provides learning support services to assist students in improving and enhancing skill development in reading, English and mathematics. These services are designed for students whose test results indicate need for additional training to remedy deficiencies in reading, English and mathematics.

Students who do not meet the University's established admission requirements, as reflected by Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) scores, are required to take the Compass Test to determine proficiency in reading, English and mathematics. Students will be required to take Learning Support courses (non-credit) to remove the identified deficiencies in any two of the three subjects listed earlier, as indicated by the Compass Test (effective Fall of 2012).

Students must take the required Learning Support courses during the first semester of enrollment at the university and must continue taking these courses each semester of enrollment until all requirements have been met. Learning Support students may not accumulate more than 30 hours of academic credit before completing all Learning Support requirements; if they do, they will not be allowed to take further credit courses until all Learning Support requirements are met. There will be two attempts to exit English and Reading and three attempts to exit math (effective Fall of 2012).

Students enrolled in Learning Support courses and college credit courses may not drop or withdraw from Learning Support courses and remain in college credit courses. The student's academic advisor must advise and approve the schedule of a student who is withdrawing from or dropping a course(s).


The following non-degree credit courses are offered in Learning Support:


A student must satisfy academic deficiencies within a specified time frame established by the Board of Regents. A student who has not completed requirements for exiting a Learning Support area (English, reading, or mathematics) after two semesters in English, two semesters in reading or three semesters in math, will be suspended. That student may not be considered for readmission within one year of the suspension. With these new policies, there are no appeals allowed for Learning Support suspensions.