FIAR 1100  - Introduction to Fine Arts .................3.00 Credits

A general introduction and study of  the  history  and  literature  of music, the visual arts, and the dramatic arts. Taught in three segments: art, music and the dramatic arts, respectively, the course will provide a developmental over- view of creativity and scholarship in each area of discipline.  Also, the course features exposure to and discussion about a selection of the most representative masterworks from each of  the disciplines.

FIAR 1102  - Intro to African Diaspora.................2.00 Credits

A study of the peoples and cultures of African  descent  throughout the African Diaspora, especially in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the United States.  Emphasis on the political, social and cultural institutions that have contributed to the development of African Diaspora peoples and cultures. (Cross-listed as HUMA 1002 and HIST 1002)