HEDP 1001  - Introduction to Wellness .................1.00 Credits Recognize and solve problems in personal health. Its major purpose is  to present the  philosophy,  objectives  and  methods  of  personal health, highlight personal health problems and enhance the student's physical, mental and social well-being.

HEDP 2250  - Introduction to Drug Education ....2.00 Credits Designed to study the "why" aspects of drug use. Emphasis is placed on developing  positive  attitudes  that  will  help  the  student  to make consistent decisions about drug-related issues.  Suitable alter- natives to individual drug abuse problems will be presented.

HEDP 2267  - First Aid & Safety Education .........2.00 Credits General safety education in the instructional program, causes  of accidents and remedial action. Emphasis is placed on the preventive aspect  of  safety  education,  and  first  aid  education.    Leads to Certification in  CPR, AED and First Aid.

HEDP 2450  - Basic Athletic Training....................4.00 Credits Course explains athletic injuries/illnesses  and  rehabilitation protocols. Injury evaluations are also discussed with an emphasis on the major joints of the body.

Prerequisite:  HEDP 2267

HEDP 2452  - Advanced Athletic Training…..4.00 Credits Course explores advanced skills in athletic injuries in the axial region.  Advanced skills in dealing  with  unconscious  athletics  are discussed. Therapeutic modalities and their use in the training room is examined with an emphasis on electrical stimulation.  Cryotherapy  and  hydrotherapy.

Prerequisite:  HEDP 2450

HEDP 3660 Current Issues in Health...…………..3.00 Credits

This course is designed to assist students in defining current and contemporary health issues.   Topics such as sexuality, nutrition, weight control, infectious and non-infectious conditions, cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging, and death and dying will be highlighted in this course.