ENGL 0099  - Basic English...............................4.00 Credits   This  course  is  designed  to  prepare students for freshman English composition. It is designed to reinforce  and  refine  grammatical and mechanical  skills  of  students.   It  serves  as  a  review  of basic principles of English usage including fundamentals of sentence patterns, grammar, punctuation and as an introduction to the  writing  of  short paragraphs and essays.

MATH 0097  - Basic Mathematics......................4.00 Credits This course is a study of pre-algebra and  elementary  algebra including the fundamental operations of fractions and decimals. It is  designed to help students with  a  limited  background  in algebra learn the fundamentals and manipulation of a first course in algebra.  Algebra topics include a study of the real numbers, linear equations and inequalities, operations of polynomials, and factoring polynomials.

MATH 0099  - Basic Mathematics.................4.00 Credits This course is a study of intermediate algebra. It is designed to enhance the student's knowledge  of  algebraic  computational  skills  and  to prepare the student for college  level  mathematics.   Topics  include a  review  of  factoring  polynomials,  graphs  of  equations  and inequalities, systems of   equations,   fractional   expressions   and equations,  radical expressions and  equations,  quadratic  equations, and  exponential  and logarithmic functions.

READ 0099  - Developmental Reading......4.00 Credits   Students will  approach reading from four areas: literal, critical,  affective and interpretive. In addition to spending time improving personal vocabularies and preparing for standardized tests, students will read varied materials to include magazines, short stories and novels and present oral presentations to the class.